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Menopause and Work

Menopause is just one gender specific issue that both impacts on the workplace and where the workplace impacts on the experience.

Managers are encouraged to be mindful of workers who may be experiencing symptoms of Menopause. Many symptoms can cause hazards in the workplace and may be putting workers at risk.

To assist women to keep comfortable and safe in their work environments it is important for women to be informed about menopause and the strategies to manage symptoms. Below are documents that may assist women and co-workers to understand this life experience; these resources can be printed and placed on notice boards or staff room tables.

Australasian Menopause Society

The Australasian Menopause Soceity (AMS) is a scientific body with members from medical, nursing, scientific, pharmaceutical and lay backgrounds who are interested in menopause education and research.

The Society provides professionals and consumers with accurate, evidence-based information related to women’s midlife health. The Consumer section provides a range of educational material and information leaflets to help women understand this phase of their lives.

The Society is willing for CSHW SA to link their website to our Women’s Health section. The AMS website can be found at

Women’s Health Documents

Menopause & Bladder & Bowel Control Download
Menopause – Managers Support Your Workers Download