In CCES Consultation occurs across three levels:

Self Insured Registration Level

At Self Insured Registration Level consultation occurs through the CCES Self Insured Governing Council (SIGC). This council meets 6 times each year to monitor and review safety performance. The SIGC is representative of all industry sectors and the WHS and injury management units.

Consultation – Sector Level

This level of consultation is through our quarterly work health and safety coordinators meetings. Topics of discussion include WHS Management System updates, legislative changes, professional development opportunities and guest speakers. It also provides an avenue for workers to present topics of discussion in relation to work health and safety.

Attendees are representative of all sectors within the Catholic Church Endowment Society. Dates can be found through the CSH&W SA Training Calendar. Workers can access this information/meeting minutes through their site WHS Coordinator.

Additional WHS Meetings are held for Catholic Education, Health, Social Services, Parishes, at the Sector Level.

Consultation – Site Level

Workers are encouraged to consult with their manager and other workers in relation to safety issues at their worksite.

Consultation at this level can be through but not limited to staff meetings, performance management meetings (appraisals), WHS Committee, Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs), reporting and investigation of hazards and incidents.